Learning From the Greats — Greg McMillan

Stress + Rest = Progress. Obey this equation and your fitness will build steadily and predictably. Over stress/train and/or under rest/recover and you’ll risk injury and burn out. 

— Greg McMillan 

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FOLLOW GREG MCMILLAN ON TWITTER IF YOU DON’T ALREADY. He’s got small, smart, and extremely important nuggets, just like this one above daily.

But the quote I am posting today shows just how simple our sport is. Stress, then rest, and progress!!! But simple ain’t easy.

Unfortunately, too many times we are wanting to get in as many workouts as possible with no mind or mention to recovery. The equation is not Stress + Stress = Progress.

You have to have the REST in there. In fact, I would venture that it’s more important than the stress…

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