A reminder — Here is the SECRET…

This past weekend one of my runners (Noah Metzger) ran a huge personal best over 3000 meters and would have a huge converted personal best over 3200 meters with his mark. He ran 8:51 in a negative split race where he ran brilliantly and beautifully to finish 2nd overall in doing all that he could to try and win the race.

His race was a reminder to me that the SECRET that we all look for is simply this…BE CONSISTENT. Not once this winter did he touch 4:44/mile pace or 2:57/km pace. Not once. But, he did put in five solid weeks of training, after a one week break from a great XC season.

During those five solid weeks of training he built his mileage, maintained a strong progression run each week, with another tempo session mid-week, and capped off each week with a hilly long run. He had a great base of training.

And that led to a nice, big personal best.

The SECRET, which I’ve posted about before, is no SECRET…it’s just putting days on top of days, weeks on top of weeks, and months on top of months of training. BE CONSISTENT.

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