Houston Rundown

Houston was a very good weekend for our group. We had some personal bests, some great finishes, and learned a lot. Here is a brief rundown of what went down in Houston.


Kelsey Bruce — 6th place (top American) — 2:31:53 (PERSONAL BEST)

Esperanza Lopez — 2:57:51 (PERSONAL BEST)

Magaly Soto — 3:07:10 (2nd fastest marathon performance)


Jake Powers — 1:14:39 (DEBUT)

Ryan McSpadden — 1:15:21 (DEBUT)

Cashlee Rayas — 1:22:54 (PERSONAL BEST)


Virginia Wallace — 5th place — 18:34

It was a good weekend in Houston. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the spring has in store for our athletes!!!

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