10 days until Conference — Day #6

It is now officially Conference Week…and I can’t wait!!!

Today is just an easy mileage day…the guys have 8-10 miles, while the ladies have their typical 6 mile distance day.

We’ll run twice today, with an easy 3-5 miles in the afternoon also…just like every other Monday this season!!!

The goal for the week is to have a great race at the Conference Championships and so this week our quality day is on Tuesday (tomorrow).

This is the start of week #12 of our season…typically we’ve been heading into the Regional Championships at this point in the year, but with 2018 being a Division II Fall Festival Year, our Championships move back by two weeks and so one of the major goals of the season was to manage our efforts to be here, right now, feeling good, not worn down. I believe we’ve done this and these easy days like today are one of the reasons.

Easy means easy and we’ve had a good bit of easy running all season!

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