10 days until Conference — Day #1

I’ve always been a coach that has no secrets in training. I figure if you want to copy what we are doing, then great, I am helping the sport grow…and everything that we do is based on our athletes and their mentality…and it changes from year to year!!!

So, with us being 10 days out from the Conference Championships I wanted to share with you all what we are going to be doing in the lead up to the meet.

Today we are 10 days out…so, here’s what we’re doing.


2 miles easy warm up. Drills. 4 x strides.

2 x 200 meters to continue warming up.

6000-8000 meters tempo run starting relaxed and cutting down every 2000 meters.

400 meters fast.

2 x 200 meters to finish faster.

2 miles easy cool down.

This isn’t a sexy workout…but it’s one that we need to do throughout the season to maintain and improve our aerobic fitness. I also love this workout because it’s the same grind that they’ll face in a race. Our ladies are racing 6000 meters…well, a 6000 meter tempo teaches them to stay engaged for that long…same with the men…at Conference we’ll race 8000 meters…so doing this session allows them to practice staying focused throughout the duration of 8000 meters.

We’ll come back in the afternoon and get in a double distance run (3-5 miles easy)…all in all, it’s just a typical day for the DBU XC squads!!!

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