Workout of the Day — Curry, Phelps, Rayas

18 miles progressive.

Recovery: n/a

Splits: 7:47 7:30 7:13 7:11 6:55 6:37 6:32 6:24 6:09 6:05 5:52 5:55 5:44 5:44 5:25 5:17 5:26 5:10 Total – 1:52:57 (6:17 avg)

Andrew Curry, Trent Phelps, Stetson Rayas, September 2018

The long run is a day that we like to get after it…and nine times out of 10, I prefer for it to be controlled and naturally progressive…but today, as we are 2+ weeks out from racing again, I wanted to roll the guys out there and have a very good long run…in fact, the directive today was, “We want to go HARD!!!”

These guys did that well today. Now, we’ve got to make sure that we recover properly from this session…but the truth was, it was highly aerobic and these guys looked like they were jogging over the last 10-miles.

All in all…another long and strong day in the books.

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