DBU Pre-Season XC Camp — Day #2

Day #2 — Tuesday, August 14th
6AM — Trinity Corridor (Dirt Road)
5-12 miles easy run
We woke to another wet morning…but had another positive day. The hardest thing for new athletes to grasp (usually) is just how important the day to day training is. I think this crew is getting that pretty quickly, which is exciting. 

A lot of people are tired…it’s camp week…they ran w/ their teammates on Saturday and started official practices on Monday…even though it’s day #2…it’s been a lot of volume and a lot of strength for some, but they are handling it well, taking care of recovery, and starting to see the long term view of the season! 

The run this morning was at the Trinity Corridor which is a 20+ mile long dirt road in the heart of Dallas…thankfully, it’s a service road and so there is no traffic! 🙂 We ran anything from 5 miles up through 12 miles easy. 

3PM — Campus
Pool activities (courtesy of Coach Kelsey Bruce!) + Strength and core routines.
The afternoon went long because of a crazy fun day of MEDIA w/ the DBU Athletics Media Crew…I’ve attached some photos…but the work still got done!!!

From core work, to strength work, to pool relays the men and women put in a solid afternoon to finish off day #2 of camp week. 

Tomorrow morning is a big session of 400 meter hill repeats and so they need to eat well tonight and get some good sleep!!!

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