DBU XC Pre-Season Camp — Day #1

Check back throughout this week to find out what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it goes!

Day #1 — Monday, August 13th
6AM — Kiest Park
6-14 mile progressive run
This was a great session by our TEAM. We challenged our TEAM to go from being the two most ‘talented’ teams we’ve ever had to being the BEST two teams we’ve ever had. This morning was a great step towards that. Our ladies were able to run TOGETHER throughout the duration of their 6-8 miles and averaged the following for the 6-7-8 mile groups:
6 mile group — 7:27/mile average
7 mile group — 7:23/mile average
8 mile group — 7:14/mile average 

Our men had a strong session this morning as well going 8-14 miles total and just like the women were able to run run TOGETHER throughout the progression. Our 10 mile, 12 mile, and 14 mile groups really ran strong with their last 2-5 miles being in the sub 6-min pace range to finish, with our 14 mile group running 28:30 over the last 5 miles of their 14 mile run (with the last two miles being 5:32 / 5:28). 

One of the things that we believe sets our program apart is the mileage that we put in — weekly, per session, and in our long runs. The men and women will do this kind of work constantly in order to be aerobically strong enough to run fast over the course of 6000 meters (women) through 10,000 meters (men).

This was a great start to the 2018 XC season!

3PM — Campus
3-5 miles easy run
Strength and core routines post-run.
I think that this is the run that really showed our newcomers that we are training. Not that it was a hard run…but just that after this morning’s session that we are carrying on…All went well with our group. I am loving seeing the TEAM run together and work hard together. 

95 more days…

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