DBU XC Pre-Season Camp — Day #3

Day #3 — Wednesday, August 15th
6AM — Capella Park
400 meter hill repeats (8-16 x 400 meter hills)
The challenge to the squad today was to ‘do your job’ on each repeat. It can be overwhelming thinking about 16 reps…but if you just do your job on each repeat it becomes manageable and you are able to attack each rep. 

So, what’s your job on each rep? For our team, the job is to run with the pack. WE WANT TO RUN TOGETHER!!! We fully believe that the strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf!!! 🙂 

So, today’s session was another solid one for the squad. We did a 2 mile warm up, ran through drills, then did 4 x strides to continue warming up, before launching into 8-16 x 400 meter hills. We finished with an easy 2-mile cool down. 

For our hill sessions we like to get better both muscularly and aerobically and so we run ‘strong’ but not sprinting up the hill, then jog down easily before starting the next rep…but, the whole workout is continuous. If you are running 16 reps, that’s basically an 8-mile fartlek, which is a very tough session aerobically…

I really liked the way that the men packed it up today and ran together…we had 17 guys grouped up for their reps, working together, and encouraging each other throughout. There’s always room for improvement, but this was a very solid session for the men. 

The ladies typically break up more than the guys do in regards to running as a group, but it was awesome seeing our younger runners working hard to stick with the group of experienced girls at the top. You could definitely see each lady working hard to get up the hill and do their best to hang on to the pack. 

All in all, this was another good day for us. We’ve really been trying to stress the fact that on Monday we were 96 days from Regionals…it takes all 96 of those days for us to reach our goals. One day at a time. Today was a good day. 

3PM — Campus
3-5 miles easy run
Strength and core routines

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