Workout of the Day — Ryan McSpadden

4 miles of 1 min on / 1 min off

Recovery: 1 min of easy running after each 1 min ‘on’ segment. 

Splits: 5:55/mile average for 4 miles; ‘on’ segments were 5:20/mile down to 4:50/mile pace. 

Ryan McSpadden, July 2018

Ryan runs for the Greater Texas Track Club Elite team and coaches the GTTC youth / high school team. This fall is a big one for Ryan as he’s looking to return from a lost spring and make his debut in the half marathon.

This was Ryan’s first true workout in probably 6 months as he’s been working back from injury. All in all, I would say this was a great step forward for Ryan as we are building up to the DRC Half Marathon (November) and Houston Half Marathon (January). I’ve got no doubt that Ryan will be great at the half marathon to marathon distance as he was Mr. Tempo in college, always showing a steady hand and a great ability to run tempo pace nearly all day long.

The follow-up to this workout will be 2 x 2 miles ‘tempo’ for Ryan, with a mile of some surging after…it’s just about building from workout to workout, week to week right now and Ryan is doing a great job of that.

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