Learning From the Greats — John McDonnell

Every summer there are two books that I read…Running with the Buffaloes and John McDonnell’s biography. Both tell great stories from two of the all-time great coaches in our sport…Mark Wetmore and John McDonnell.

I think for anyone looking to coach, you’ve got to read John’s biography…the way he built that Arkansas program on hard, relentless work is inspiring. But even more inspiring than that was his ability to keep them on top year after year.

John was great at training his athletes, but more importantly than that, he was great at knowing how to motivate each one as individuals in order to get the best results for the team.

I’m telling you…if you are a coach or are looking to coach…READ HIS BIOGRAPHY.

There’s so much that I could post here about John, but I’ll just use him as a repeat guest on my Learning From the Greats.

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