Big Results

Nothing excites me more (as a coach) than getting those text messages from runners who say, “Coach, I ran a PR today!”, or “Coach, I got 1st place today!” And let me tell you, we had quite a few of those this week!!!

One of the things that I am most proud of from our runners is that they just get out and put in the work…there is no secret bullet here, just consistent, hard, and smart training.

This week we had three ladies bring home First Overall Female in three different July 4th 5ks, with one of those performances being a 15 second personal best!!!

Esperanza Lopez — 1st Place Overall Female — 19:07

Sandie Nathan — 1st Place Overall Female — 19:12 (15 second personal best) 

Cashlee Rayas — 1st Place Overall Female — 19:22 

All three of these ladies have some big goals and events on the horizon and so this was a fun opportunity for them to get out, race, and see where they are right now.

Sandie will be running the Chicago Marathon, while Esperanza and Cashlee will be tackling the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon!!!


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