Workout of the Day — Matthew Hahn

4 miles tempo + 1 mile faster + 4 x 200 meters

Recovery: 3 min rest between tempo stuff; 200 meter jog between 200 meter reps.

Assigned Splits: 4-mile tempo — 5:36, 5:32, 528, 5:24, 1-mile faster — sub 5:20, 200m reps — cruising. 

Matthew Hahn, November 2017

Matthew Hahn is an enigma…he’s a very talented runner for my DBU squad; one that if we can get him to just figure out the mental part of training, racing, and running that would go down as one of our all-time greats.

This workout above was done as he was preparing for his Indoor Track debut, but also done because he was not on the racing squad at the NCAA XC Championships later that week. I’m still dumbfounded as how he did not make the top-7 last year; but like I said above, once we can get him to figure out the mental part of all of this…he’ll never miss out on the top-7 again.

I posted the assigned splits…but the truth is, on that 1-mile faster, he went sub 5 minutes and had one of his best tempo workouts ever and gave a preview of what to expect the rest of his track season as he showed the promise of a great young miler and 5000 meter runner throughout the winter and spring.

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