On Marathoning — The Fueling

This is probably the most sensitive subject within marathoning…the fueling. What to take? When to take it? How much to take? There are a million questions and a billion answers…

But here’s the truth:

DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE what you are going to do on race day.

But, since this is a series on WHAT TO DO in marathoning…here is my suggestion; and as everything I’ve written in this series…it’s MY SUGGESTION.


Eat a breakfast — something light and less-likely to cause stomach distress. I always did plain oatmeal with some peanut butter, or a bagel w/ peanut butter, a banana, and a mixture of water and sports drink.


Early and often taking water and sports drink. Even on cooler days, do not neglect this. I believe in drinking every 5km during a marathon…alternating sports drink and water. As far as fueling (gels, gu’s, etc.) I would encourage taking a gel, gu, or chewable with each time you take water…that would be just about every 10km.


Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Water. Water. Water. Sports Drink. Sports Drink. Sports Drink.

Or…if you are like me…Dr. Pepper!!!

I want to reiterate…find what works for you and practice it. I believe that most of your ‘specific-sessions’ should be done while practicing taking in the fluids and gels.

Practice makes perfect.

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