Learning From the Greats — Jay Johnson

I first heard the name Jay Johnson when reading Running with the Buffaloes during my college running days (circa 2003?)…and then, as a young coach looking for some guidance, reached out to him while he was assisting at the University of Colorado.

A few years after many phone and email convos w/ Jay, he created his own website, http://coachjayjohnson.com/, and I found that I visited this website as much as I did any website. It had a tremendous wealth of advice and tips, especially with ‘general’ strength for runners.

Sometime between 2007 and 2010 general strength for runners was THE new thing and Jay was at the forefront of this work. And while I learned a lot from Jay’s website about this work, what I really learned was that in the end, we need to be able to run more, if we want to get faster, but to do that, sometimes we have to have some supplemental help and that’s where his general strength work came into play.

Don’t forget…you need to be able to run more to run faster…but sometimes you have to have some help getting there.

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