Workout of the Day — Julia Pieper

3 x 1000 meters 

Recovery: 600 meter jog rest

Splits: 3:31, 3:28, 3:19

Julia Pieper, June 2018


This is one of the shorter workouts I’ll prescribe, but for Julia, who is in her summer racing season in Germany it was just what we needed as she is about to be racing nearly every week.

The workout above started at ~17:30 pace for 5000 meters and worked down to just under 16:40 pace. For Julia to qualify for the German National Championships in the 5000 meters she’ll need to run 17:15 or faster.

We did this session just a few days before her season’s best over 1500 meters (4:45), but ~10 days out from her first 5000 meter race of the season. After the 1500 meter race I had her do a 2km easy jog, then 3km steady tempo in 3:57, 3:55, 3:54 (~6:15/mile pace), and then cool down another 2km.

If things work out and she gets into the right race, I believe that Julia will be ready to run 17:15 or faster in the next month.

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