The Greater Texas Track Club — My Vision

In 2011, when Rachel and I started the Greater Texas Track Club the idea was to form a team of like-minded runners who wanted to be competitive. I still remember after Rachel watched the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston saying, “What can we do to make the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials a reality…”

We did not know it at the time, but our reality in 2016 was as coaches and support staff. And neither of us have regrets about that. So, now, long past our competitive running careers being over, the question has been on my mind…What is the Greater Texas Track Club?

If you follow our site, or any of my social media, you know that we are expanding our club with the addition of elite team member Ryan McSpadden as an assistant coach for the club and taking over the role as middle school and high school coach. His role for our team will be growing the club in that capacity, as well as managing our website and social media.

So, what’s the vision for our club?

At the ELITE TEAM level we want to have a a group of men and women training and racing to qualify for the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials. The goal is to help these men and women with their racing kit (apparel), training (coaching online and in-person), and with travel supplements (flights, hotels, meal per-diem). Currently we have gear through Under Armour and are working to grow what we can provide to each of our ELITE TEAM members. (If you are wanting to help support our ELITE TEAM in any way we would love to discuss a partnership.) 

To inquire about joining our ELITE TEAM please email me at or visit our website at 

For the MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL level Ryan will be building that program from scratch, but has a lot of experience running and competing at a high level and has a passion for teaching and coaching. I believe that Ryan is the perfect person to start up the youth program for our club. We’ve looked at what the Bowerman Track Club has done in Portland and it’s a model that we want to follow with a youth team, an open team, and an elite team. (If you are interested in joining the youth team, please visit the Greater Texas Track Club website or contact Ryan at

To inquire about joining our YOUTH TEAM please email Coach Ryan at or visit our website at 

You can probably tell that we are getting very excited about the Greater Texas Track Club and the goals that we have for our club. And I hope that you continue on this journey with us!

Current 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifiers:

Kelsey Bruce, 2:34:03, currently ranked 14th in the USA


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