Another Favorite Session

I love 300 meter repeats. You can do 4 x 300 meters at 800 meter pace, or 6 x 300 meters starting at goal 1500 meter pace and working down to 800 meters, or 2 x (5 x 300 meters) at 1500 meter pace w/ a short rest between reps and longer rest between sets. Or…16 x 300 meters at 5k/3k pace w/ a 100 meter float…or throw a few 300 meter repeats at the end of a tempo run or strength session.

No matter how they are done, I love 300 meter repeats. We’ve done them on the track, on the grass, and on hills. I love 300 meter repeats!

So…as you are moving through your track season make sure to include a session (or two, or three) that involve some good 300 meter repeats!

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