Workout of the Day — Trent Phelps

2000 meters + 2 x (5 x 300 meters) 

Splits: 5:45, 45-sec average for 300 meter reps

Recovery: 4 minutes between 2000 meters and 300 meter reps. 100 meters easy jogging between 300 meter reps and 500 meters easy jogging between sets. 

Trent Phelps, April 2018


Trent Phelps is our school record holder for the 1500 meters, Mile, 3000 meters, and 3000 meter steeplechase. He is one of the most competitive athletes that I have ever coached and is part of the transformation of our men’s program that went from a regional doormat to 18th at the NCAA National Championships.

This workout doesn’t seem to tough on paper…but when you analyze the paces it is a pretty tough session.

The 2000 meter rep is run at goal 5km pace…for Trent, a true 1500-3000 meter runner, that’s a long ways to go at a ‘converted’ goal 5km pace. I assigned 70-71/400 meters, which would have put him at 4:40-4:44 through the mile. He came through on this rep at 4:39…basically spot-on, and then closed in a 65 second lap…

After a short 4 minutes rest he had 2 x (5 x 300 meters) with a short 100 meter jog between the reps and a 500 meter jog between the sets. However, these reps are at sub 1500 meter goal pace. For Trent, the assignment was 44-46 seconds…he averaged 45 seconds for the session.

For a guy that is training to run an NCAA-caliber 1500 meters and 3000 meter steeplechase, this combined a little strength with a lot of speed…the perfect combination for a 1500-3000 meter guy.


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