Workout of the Day — Cashlee Rayas

4 miles tempo run in 6:20-6:24/mile pace + 4 x 30 seconds fast. 

Splits: 6:23, 6:22, 6:17, 6:12

Recovery: 4 minutes after the tempo, 90 seconds after the surges.

Cashlee Rayas, March, 2018


I’ve used Cashlee Rayas in a workout of the day before, and that was one of her all-time great workouts. This one is a pretty standard pre-race workout for her. This is something that she’s done for 4+ years, typically on the Wednesday before a Saturday race.

In year’s past when she was on the DBU team we would do 4 x 200 meters to finish the tempo, but now as she is out training on her own and not always able to access a track, we give the option of some fartlek to finish or some 200 meter reps to finish.

This workout, as you can tell from her splits, was pretty easy for her and she was able to finish faster than assigned, which we encourage if feeling good and not getting too greedy.

The construct is simple:

2 miles warm up. Drills. Strides.
4 miles tempo run in 6:20-6:24/mile pace. 4 min rest.
4 x 30 seconds fast / 90 seconds jog.
2 miles cool down.
We do the tempo portion of the workout to ‘fill’ the aerobic tank and have the faster finish reps to ‘sharpen’ just a bit before the race weekend.
This session led to a 17:58 performance…her first time under 18 minutes in over a year. I expect even more sub 18 min performances…she races Saturday night at the UTA / Bobby Lane Invitational 5000 meters.

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