Learning From the Greats — Terry Jessup

One of the first mentors and coaches I had, post-college, was Terry Jessup. His resume is a mile long…I consider him one of the greatest high school coaches in the country…and even then, let’s be honest, he’s just one of the best coaches in the country, regardless of ‘level’…

Terry is a disciple of Arthur Lydiard and so most of what I do as a coach is an adaptation of what I learned from Terry; but a few years ago when we were struggling as a University team I reached out to Terry and asked for help. The thing he told me was eye-opening…He said, “Jacob, you can work them harder.”

We had gone from a very hard working group, to trying to skate by on minimal work and effort. I need to work them harder. That advice led us qualifying for the NCAA Championships in 2015 and 2017 with the ladies and a top-20 performance in 2017 with the men.

You can work them harder.

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