Training Talk (#1)

This will be the first installment of our Training Talk…here, we will discuss everything from running philosophy, to injury prevention, to race strategy, to specific workouts and advice.

Today, in our first installment, I want to talk about something very simple, but something that drives my philosophy in running.

That’s simply this:


I know that might seem like common sense, but more times than not, it isn’t.

How many times have you seen an advertisement about a new strength training regiment that will make you a better runner? Or a new core workout that will take your running to the next level? Or, a low-mileage approach to success?

It’s all garbage. The truth is simple…if you want to get better at running, YOU HAVE TO RUN!!! And most times that means you have to run more.

There was a quote that said, “For running, all you need is a dream and a pair of shoes.” Well, honestly, you don’t even need the dream! You just need the shoes so you can actually get out and RUN!!!

I know this is probably the least scientific and most dumbed-down advice on training you’ve read…but I wanted to start with a very simple principle…the same principle that I base all of my training around. IF YOU WANT TO GET BETTER AT RUNNING, YOU HAVE TO RUN.

Now, go get your run in! 🙂

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