What’s coming in 2018?

We’re just a few days from the New Year and let me tell you…I AM PUMPED UP!!! Personally and professionally I have so much planned and so much that I am looking forward to.

The goal in 2018 for this site is to really drive the content to a new level. Right now, it’s just been my ramblings…but I’m hoping to add interviews with coaches and athletes, as well as snapshots into other runner’s logs and training diaries.

We’re also hoping to expand the online-coaching that we offer. Currently, I have a lot of hungry and passionate clients and I’m hoping that will continue to expand, but we’d like to start offering some youth coaching as well. We believe in our training philosophy and we believe that can start at a young age!

There are also a lot of new and exciting things coming for the Greater Texas Track Club and this site will be home to the team. We’ll post racing schedules, race recaps, etc. This will be the hub for the Greater Texas Track Club and all of our athletes.

Expect more training talks, more book reviews, more, more, more, and more. 2018 is going to be all about MOVING…MOVING to bigger and better things.

We’re MOVING…I hope that you’ll come with.

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