Workout of the Day –Austin Roth

3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile, 1000 meters, 600 meters, 400 meters 

Splits: 15:05, 9:47, 4:45, 2:53, 1:40, 64

Recovery: 3 min throughout

Austin Roth, November 2019

I started coaching Austin in September as he wanted guidance for his build up to the 2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon. Austin is one of my online clients who lives abroad; he works a ton and has to be creative with fitting in his training…but he makes the sacrifice to get out and get the work in.

For this build up we’ve decided to have a cross country focus for the fall, which culminates this coming weekend; we’ll then take a short break (4-7 days) and then start our training for the trials. With the reputation of the trials course (hilly) we thought an old-school cross country season would give us the toughness and specificity of hills and strength needed for what he’ll face in February.

Here are his notes on the workout:

Update on the workout – tough one – one of the hardest in a while and potentially harder than any in my last marathon build up. Good sign that it went *almost* to plan!

3 mile – 15:05
2 mile – 9:47
1 mile – 4:45
1000 – 2:53
600 – 1:40
400 – 64
The 1k – 400m were the toughest admittedly, a bit slower than I would have liked, but I’m happy with it all around. 

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