Catching up…

I want to first apologize for my lack of posting throughout the Spring Semester; it was an incredibly busy time for my family. We welcomed our second child, Samuel Miles, into the world in late-December and that with morning practices made it very tough to keep up with posting.

We also lost my mother this spring and so there was a lot of travel time, outside of our normal travel (track meets) where I was at home helping my father, planning a funeral, etc.

Regardless of whatever was going on…time got sparse and this website became neglected. My goal was to start back this summer with frequent posting, but after a week-long trip to the NCAA Championships and then a two-week trip to Lima, Peru for our team’s mission trip I found myself playing catch up at work.

I’m now in the thick of summer-recruiting, but hoping that I can start back posting frequently on this site. I’ve got some ideas for posts, as well as a lot to catch up on with the site. Please bear with me as I catch back up and try to get back into the routine of posting on here once again!

And please, don’t forget, “Champions are made in the summer.”

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