JHP Running Project — Elizabeth Lawrence

As we enter into the NEW YEAR, I wanted to introduce some of my JHP Running clients. These runners GET AFTER IT!!! Some of them train at 4AM and most of them have families, full-time jobs, and are still pursuing faster times, PR’s, and to see how fast they can get!!!

Here’s a unique look into some of the runners that I have the opportunity to work with!!!

Elizabeth Lawrence is from North Richland Hills and races in the 50-54 age group!!! I have been working with Elizabeth over the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed working with her!!!

I’ve said this before, but the key to coaching runners online is communication and Elizabeth does a great job at communicating how her workouts and running is going and how she felt and feels during the training.

Without being able to watch her run on a daily basis, this feedback is vital to being able to coach her to the best of my ability.

Elizabeth currently has personal best times of 22:14 (5k), 47:50 (10k), and 1:44:01 (Half Marathon). In 2019, she is looking to run more shorter races in a lead up to her two goal races of the half marathon distance.

Here are some of her own words on what she loves about the JHP Running Program and how she came to find our program:

I like that it’s consistent from week to week with one or two little surprises thrown in to challenge me. 

I found JHP Running through local friends who are also coached by Jacob and I like that it’s a local coach. I wanted a training program designed for me, instead of just following a generic program. 

Elizabeth also says that the results that she’s seen the last year makes the investment of having a coach and being part of the JHP Running Program worth it.

My race times don’t reflect my improvement yet, but I’m so much stronger than I was a year ago. After struggling with injuries throughout 2016 and 2017, this year has been all about rebuilding.

I’m excited to continue working with Elizabeth into 2019 and can’t wait to see those races reflect the hard work that she’s put in on a weekly basis!!!

But, before looking ahead, it’s always great to reflect back and Elizabeth says that her most proud running achievement over the last year is the consistency that she’s gained in training.

I’ve been very consistent with training and improving the way that I think about running. I get out there and run even when I don’t feel like it and I’m working on making pain my friend. 

Here’s to a healthy, strong, and FAST year for Elizabeth!!!

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