Happy New Year — Running Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! It’s now 2019 and there is a lot that we want to accomplish in this new and exciting year!!! Hopefully you can look back upon 2018 and see growth and transformation in your running, but if not, don’t worry…just get to work!!!

A lot of people don’t like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, but I do. I think, if it gets you MOVING, go for it! So, with that, here are a few RUNNING RESOLUTIONS that I think are ones you should put on your 2019 list.

  1. Be consistent in your running. I’ve said it a million times on this site, but seriously, the secret to FAST and PRODUCTIVE running is CONSISTENCY. If you can stack days on top of days, weeks on top of weeks, and months on top of months of good, consistent training then YOU WILL GET BETTER.
  2. Devote more time to the small things. I have not spent a lot of time on the ‘small things’ on this website, but preventative exercises and good strength work can really help you grow and improve as a runner…especially as you get older as a runner. I read once that after the age of 35 you should start spending more time doing strength training than you would have between 25 and 35. Find some time in 2019 to spend 5-15 minutes pre-and-post run to work on form drills, dynamic stretching, and strength work.
  3. Get out of your RUNNING comfort zone. One of the biggest reasons I encourage runners to get a coach is so that they can get out of the comfort zones. For me, I spent years doing the same things over and over, but it was only after hiring a coach that I actually did things that I wasn’t comfortable with in training that made me faster (track work for me)!!! Use 2019 to get out of your comfort zone. Sign up for a longer (or shorter) race and train for it with the same vigor that you would your regular distance race. Find a coach (perhaps me?) and don’t be afraid to set your goals high. Help yourself get out of the training and running rut that you might be in by getting out of your RUNNING comfort zone in 2019.
  4. Race more. Yes!!! Sign up for races, commit to the training, and get out there and race more in 2019!!! You can’t get faster if you don’t race…make it a goal in 2019 to race more!!! They don’t have to be major races…sign up for the local 5k…race the summer open track meets…just get out there and race. I see so many talented runners missing opportunities to improve because they are afraid to line up and race!!! Yes…RACING IS HARD…but if we are going to truly get out of comfort zone in 2019…and if we truly want to improve…THEN YOU NEED TO RACE MORE IN 2019!!!
  5. Tune in to this website daily in 2019!!! Is it a shameless plug, or an opportunity to get better at running / coaching? I’ll let you decide, but please join me in this NEW YEAR as we go on a journey to improve in our running!!!

Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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