What’s coming in the New Year?

I’ve officially done it…I’ve posted EVERY DAY since December 20th of last year and so now is time for a rest. I am planning on taking off the rest of 2018 to spend with family and to work on some quality content.

So, what’s coming in this new year?

More…Learning From the Greats. Let’s face it, we are not reinventing the wheel in this sport and there is so much that we can learn from those who have come before us…stay tuned for more golden nuggets from the great coaches, runners, and contributors that have come before us!!!

More…Training insights…Workouts of the Day…Anatomy of Sessions…Sample training programs…and much more. Part of publishing this website was to try and get out the ideas that I believe in training and to help other coaches and athletes grow…I think that these types of posts do just that!!!

More…Runner profiles…from runners that I coach and from runners across the country. There are runners who are beginners and runners who are shooting for the Olympic Marathon Trials and you can learn something from all of them as they are all on their own running journey to improvement!!!

Get excited for more quality content coming in 2019!!!

I will see you all on January 1st!!!

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