Winter tip #2.

Yesterday, I said…BE RELAXED. You are training for a very long season and so staying RELAXED is key in maintaining your energy and effort all season long.

Today, I want to give THE SECRET to training for distance running…Tip #2 is BE CONSISTENT.

If you want to be a GREAT runner…CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!!!

I posted a tid-bit from Jay Johnson a week or two ago that said, “If consistency is the word that describes your training in December, January, and February then you are setting yourself up for a successful Outdoor season.”

I ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT AGREE WITH THAT. If you want to be GREAT…show up every day. BE CONSISTENT. Do not skip runs, do not train so hard (be relaxed) that you cannot repeat it the next day.

BE CONSISTENT…that is the great secret to our sport!!!

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