Workout of the Day — Matt Torvik

1 mile + 2 miles + 1 mile + 1 mile + 2 x 400 meters

Recovery: 2 min, 4 min, 4 min, 2 min 

Splits: 5:16, 10:10, 4:48, 4:34, 400 meters were gear changers

Matthew Torvik, November, 2018

Torvik, as we call him, had a great session here…it was featured on Flotrack and really proved to me that he was fit and strong and ready for a breakout race. Well, that breakout race came this past weekend at the Pitt State Crimson and Gold Invitational. In the 3000 meters he ran a 30+ second personal best of 8:36 to take 2nd place overall.

I’ve watched 2+ years of workouts just like this one that shows what kind of runner Torvik can be…I’m excited to see the fruit from all of his hard work.

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