Question of the Day

Do you train all of your runners (800 meters through 10,000 meters) the same way over the winter break? 

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is sort of.

We aren’t a program that puts a lot of emphasis on the Indoor Track Season…we typically have everyone (800-10k runners) compete during Indoors on just a steady diet of good aerobic work, good volume, and a lot of guts.

However, within that diet of good aerobic work and volume we do have a lot of individuality. Most of our longer distance guys and girls will be at the highest end of the volume spectrum (70+ miles per week for the women and 100+ miles per week for the men)…and the volume of work done at tempo pace, etc. will be much higher for them as well.

But if you look at just the layout of the training weeks…it looks the same from the middle distance girl to the 10,000 meter guy…

Monday: Progression run

Tuesday: Easy run

Wednesday: Tempo run / Tempo reps

Thursday: Easy run

Friday: Speed maintenance

Saturday: Hilly long run

Sunday: Easy run

***It should be noted that the Tuesday and Thursday easy runs are pretty long for our 10,000 meter group.

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