Workout Wednesday w/ Flotrack

We had the opportunity to have Flotrack come out to one of our workouts this fall and you can watch that workout above…but I wanted to provide some analysis, especially since I’ve gotten a lot of questions from coaches and runners since this posted on Wednesday.

First off, this session was done 4 days after winning the Heartland Conference Championships with a Conference-record low score of 19 points. It was also 10 days before the Regional Championships which was the race we had been preparing for all season.

The session assigned was:

1 mile in 5:16/mile pace. 2 min rest.

2 miles in 5:08/5:00/mile pace for a total time of 10:08. 4 min rest.

1 mile in 4:52/mile pace. 4 min rest.

1 mile in 4:44/mile pace. 4 min rest.

2 x 400 meters going fast for 200 meters, jogging for 100 meters, and sprinting for the last 100 meters w/ 2 min rest between each rep.

There was a lot of rest assigned here…mainly because it was going to finish closer to what I felt their 5k fitness was…which is much faster than typical tempo work. But, as I’ve explained before on this site, for me TEMPO is not a set pace or effort…IT’S THE TEMPO ASSIGNED FOR EACH SESSION. I also assigned a lot of rest in this session because, as I said several times in the video, WE WANTED TO FEEL GOOD on this session.

Now, the actual splits were 5:16, 10:10, 4:48, and 4:34…but, we had a lot of rest and they were feeling good and so I let them go a bit on the last rep. I’m not always a big fan of finishing fast, but one mile at the end of a session, where they were running together…I think it was fine for the day.

It should also be noted that the conditions were PERFECT that morning. 60 degrees and no wind. Perfect.

Now, we ended up not qualifying as a TEAM for nationals…which we’ve gotten a lot of flack for…and that’s okay. If you get filmed by Flotrack, you better be follow up on what you say.

But, during this session Andrew Curry, who won Conference four days before, had to drop out and hasn’t run since. He was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his back.

Then, the week of Regionals our #3 runner, Trent Phelps, came down with a cold…and fought it valiantly to be ready and prepared for Regionals, but just did not have enough left in the tank.

And then, we had to be perfect…and we weren’t.

Thankfully, Stetson Rayas got out as an individual and has an opportunity this weekend to show WHO WE ARE and THE WORK WE’VE DONE.

Hope that you enjoy the video. Super appreciative of Flotrack coming out and filming!!!

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