Workout of the Day — Chad Maloy

6 x 1 mile

Recovery: 60 seconds

Splits: 5:20, 5:18, 5:06, 4:58, 4:50, 4:42

Chad Maloy, October, 2018

Chad Maloy is back!!! This guy has had a great season this fall with an impressive run of 38.5 miles (broken up) in 5:38/mile pace, a debut half marathon in 1:06:12, and now a 23:40 (PR) for 5 miles at the Buffalo Turkey Trot!!!

This session is one that he did back in late October about 10 days before his half marathon debut. I’ll leave Chad’s workout comments below:

Had a great session this morning as I hit the track for these mile repeats. Stayed relaxed through the first half and was able to run with a purpose through the second half. I kept all of the rest at 60 seconds and felt fun throughout. The last one was tough but I think I had a tad bit more in me. 

Good confident booster on this one. 


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