This sport is hard…

I like to remind people of that every so often…as if they don’t get reminded daily through the grind of mileage, tempo runs, long runs, hill repeats, speed work, etc.

Most of us aren’t professional runners. Our days aren’t structured around our runs…though we sometimes think they are…most of us are getting up (very early) to run before work…or coming home and sneaking in the miles and workouts before dinner.

And the older you get, the harder it becomes. Children. Spouses. Work obligations.

But, while it’s hard. And a lot of times lonely and dark (mornings and nights), YOU CANNOT FORGET THAT PURSUIT IS WORTH IT.

The pursuit of health.

The pursuit of bettering yourself.

The pursuit of outrunning old-age.

This sport is hard. Don’t forget that. But, find strength in that hardness.

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