Workout of the Day — Stetson Rayas

2 x (8 x 300 meters) w/ hammers #4 & #6 in each set. 

Recovery: ~75 seconds rest between reps and ~3:00 rest between reps. 

Splits: 50 seconds average on cruise reps; 47 seconds average on hammer reps. 

Stetson Rayas, November, 2018

We race at the NCAA National Cross Country Championships in about 10 days. This was the session that I chose for Stetson Rayas to complete as he prepares for his last collegiate XC race.

Stetson is not a fan of ‘speed’ work…but after a hard 10km in miserable conditions at 5,500 feet elevation I wanted to run a workout that would hopefully leave him feeling good and get some pop back into his legs.

All in all, I think it was a successful workout…but I suppose that we’ll see in about 10 days!!!

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