Workout of the Day — DBU XC

10 x 400 meters

Rest: 75 seconds for the men // 90 seconds for the women

Splits: 68-70 seconds for the men // 82-84 seconds for the women

DBU XC, November, 2018

Who says that we don’t do ‘speed’ work here at DBU? Haha…one of my guys remarked today, after feeling good and looking good in this session, “Coach, I love 400’s…” To which I replied, “Well, we do them once per year…”

Our Regional Championships are exactly one week after this workout…and while there is nothing at all special about this session…it’s just that which makes it so important. I really believe that the teams who will do the best (relative to their talent levels) at this time of the year are the teams who feel the best at this time of the year.

My men and women remarked how easy this session was this morning…which, you could probably gather from the splits and recovery time allowed and the fact that both teams are top-20 teams in the country currently.

But that’s exactly what I wanted out of this morning…I wanted the opportunity for the team to feel good and to hit a session that is faster than anything they’ll race in XC, without taxing them too much. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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