More stories from Frank Shorter…

This is an excerpt from Running with the Legends…

After the Olympic trials, Shorter went to Europe for a training camp and a series of track races, against Lasse Viren and the other top Europeans. Moore spent three weeks before Munich in the U.S. pre-Olympic training camp in Oslo with Shorter. One day, U.S. coach Bill Bowerman had his distance runners doing 1,2000 meter repeats. Says Moore,

Bowerman was timing us and would say, “OK, run this one in 3:21.6” not giving us any splits along the way. The next one might be 3:30, then a 3:14. He was mixing them up, and we hit them all within a second. That was always important to Frank, that sense of knowing what he was doing out there. And it was so much fun to run with him, because he was so smooth. 

In Oslo, Shorter ran another workout of 4 x 880 yards with a 220 jog recovery, averaging 2:02.

In a practice meet in Oslo, Shorter also ran 7:51 for 3,000 meters, beating milers such as Rod Dixon. The shocked New Zealanders shook his head after the race, saying, “I can’t believe I got beat by a bloody marathoner.”

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