2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Project — Ryan McSpadden

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Ryan McSpadden as a member of the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Project. Ryan wears a lot of hats for this project and the Greater Texas Track Club…but it’s his love for this community and these projects which has me excited for his future in running.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he has the potential and ability to qualify for the Trials in 2020, but the community that he’s helping build along the way is something bigger than any individual goal he has.

If Ryan’s story, or any of our 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Project members inspire you to help support this group please email me at thedailyrun@gmail.com.

Dallas Baptist University

Personal best times:
8:40 (3000 meters); 15:17 (5000 meters); 25:40 (8000 meters); 32:05 (10,000 meters)

Goal for 2018-2019:
To stay healthy and to continue to inch closer to that trials qualifier while figuring out how to race the longer distances. My 2019 goal is to hit the half or marathon qualifier.

Favorite thing about running:
My favorite thing about running is by far the community of it. Yes I love competing and pushing my limits but there is nothing like enjoying good company on a long run and watching runners on their own journey in this sport.

Reason for chasing this dream:
I continue to chase this dream because I feel like God isn’t done using it in my life just yet. Post-colliegete running isn’t easy but I’m thankful for the opportunity and don’t want to waste it.

Favorite post-race meal:
Definitely a good smoothie and bacon, egg and cheese breakfast tacos.

Pre-race superstition:
Mmm don’t really have one…

Favorite workout:
Any sort of tempo or progression run! Something about the grind of a long tempo effort.

Proudest running moment:
Finishing my career at the NCAA Championships. 1st one for DBU men’s team and a year I’ll never forget!

Current job, outside of running:
Coaching our GTTC HS team and work part-time at an embroidery shop.


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