Workout of the Day — Matthew Torvik

4 x 200 meters + 4 x 800 meters + 4 x 400 meters + 4 x 200 meters

Assigned splits: 32-34 secs (200m), 2:24-2:28 (800m), 68-70 secs (400m), 30-32 secs (200m)

Recovery: 200 meter jog (200m), 2:20 rest (800m), 90 secs (400m), 200 meter jog (200m)

Matthew Torvik, April 2018

This session came the week of Torvik’s personal best in the 3000 meter steeplechase (9:20.80); The session alone did not have much to do with that performance, but in looking back on Torvik’s season, which had some high-highs and some low-lows, this was around the time when things really started clicking again.

When I say that things started clicking again, I mean that Torvik wasn’t forcing it anymore. Typically, when he, or any athlete really, is struggling they’ll start to press a bit in workouts and try to force it. But, when they are feeling good and using the fitness they’ve built it’s like they float and move through the session effortlessly. This was one of those sessions…he floated through and handled it with an ease and effortlessness which typically precedes personal best performances.


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