DBU XC Pre-Season Camp — Day #6

Day #6 — Saturday, August 18th
6:15AM — Trinity Trail-head, Fort Worth, TX
9-18 miles long run…naturally progressive.
This was a GREAT end to our camp week…we took the team out to the Fort Worth Trinity Trail-head for a naturally progressive long run. The goal was to run easy, but get faster throughout and finish feeling good. 

We did that today. 

The ladies had 9, 11, or 13 miles scheduled, so we had them run 4.5 miles out on and back on the trail…all but a few of the ladies were together when they returned at 9 miles, then the longer distance group carried on to finish their mileage assignments. It was a STRONG run for these ladies to finish a STRONG week of training. 

The guys were scheduled to run 12, 14, 16, or 18 miles…and for a lot of guys it was the longest run they’ve ever done…and they did so with the same strength that they’ve handled everything thrown at them this week. At the 12-mile mark we had most of the guys together and the guys who carried on kept it rolling! It was a BIG day and a STRONG run for the guys. 

All in all this morning we had nearly 40 men and women running 9-18 miles in a negative split fashion…it’s going to be a FUN year. 

And it was a GOOD week. 


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