DBU XC Pre-Season Camp — Day #5

Day #5 — Friday, August 17th
6AM — Jackson Middle School Track
Speed maintenance session — 3 miles warm up + Drills + 4 x strides + 2 x (5 x 200 meters) w/ 200 meter jog between reps and 1000 meter jog between sets + 2-3 miles cool down.
This was a great TEAM session for us…the grind of the miles can be tough, so having a day where we get onto the track and let the squad turn the legs over a bit is always fun. 

The morning was highlighted by both squads sticking together and running as a pack….and the fact that the guys gave the girls a pretty cool tunnel to finish through on the last rep! (Check the video below!!!) 

After the morning session we had a TEAM service project at the Dogwood Audubon in Cedar Hill. All in all, a great session on the morning and then a great opportunity afterwards for the team to serve the community! 

Tomorrow we have a long run in Fort Worth at the Trinity Trail-head. 

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