Why is it so hot!?!?!

This might seem like the start to a negative post…Why is it so hot?!?!?!

But, it’s not. I want everyone to realize that for those of us who are training / running in the south…stop worrying about paces and splits…it’s too hot for that and most likely too humid.

Use the summer to get in a good base…relaxed running, high-end aerobic running, and good strides, but make sure that all of these are guided by effort and not the watch.

Several of my runners (yes, you!!!) have complained about feeling slow, or feeling out of shape, or just not feeling great on runs…well, most of you are running in 80-90 degree temps w/ 80-100 percent humidity…it’s hard to feel great in those conditions…

So, relax. Chill out (literally). And realize that the fast running that feels great is coming in the fall…now is the time to build the base and not worry about paces or splits.


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