Workout of the Day — DBU XC Women (2017)

6000 meter tempo run + 5 x 200 meters

Recovery: 4 minutes after the tempo run; 200 meter rest between 200 meter reps. 

Splits: 5 laps in 97/400 meters (6:28/mile), 5 laps in 96/400 meters (6:24/mile), 5 laps in 95/400 meters (6:20/mile); 200 meter reps in 36-38 seconds. 

DBU XC Women, October 2017


This session was done by our women the week of our Conference Championships where we finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th for a TEAM score of 17 points. We also had the Freshman of the Year who finished 9th overall, for 6-ladies in the top-10.

It was a good day.

This session is one of the easiest sessions we did all year…it’s just a little pre-race prep and continued tempo work, which I believe you should never get away from. The volume was about 3/5 of what they were doing all season for tempo work…and at a pretty relaxed clip…but again, it’s just a little pre-race session, which by checking the results that weekend showed it was just what the ladies needed!

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