Learning From the Greats — Alberto Salazar

Yesterday we were able to go to the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon and run on the Michael Johnson track; but that wasn’t the treat. The treat was that Alberto Salazar was there coaching Galen Rupp.

We were able to see Galen Rupp run his 24th mile in a blazing 4:28. I’ll say that again… His 24th mile was in a 4:28! The 23 miles before that were averaging in 5:30-5:40/mile pace. And those 5:30s looked like he was JOGGING.

But, I’ll post about that workout tomorrow…the wisdom that Alberto gave in that time left me wondering about what we are doing in training…He said, “Running fast is all math. If you want to run a fast marathon, you need to be 3-4 minutes faster in the half marathon. If you want to run a fast half marathon you need to be at a certain time in the 10k, and so on.”

Running fast is just math. Get faster in the shorter stuff and it will equate to the longer stuff.

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