Workout of the Day — Hannah Moore

4 x 1000 meters + 4 x 300 meters

Splits: 3:34, 3:35, 3:37, 3:32, 53, 54, 52, 52

Recovery: 2 min rest throughout

Hannah Moore, March 2018 

Hannah Moore is currently a student-athlete for me at Dallas Baptist University and is our school record holder for 1500 meters. As a freshman last year she was able to run 4:35.06 for 1500 meters; considering her high school personal best in the 1600 meters was 5:18 this was huge improvement over the course of 8-9 months in our program.

Hannah, along with her class of sophomores have done a great job of training hard and racing fast since being at DBU and their rate of improvement has been exceptional. Last year in Cross Country Hannah was our alternate at the NCAA Regional Championships. This year she won the Conference Championship as an individual and was named the Conference Runner of the Year. That’s remarkable improvement.

Unfortunately, her knees were a victim of the long season and she was forced to red-shirt the Indoor Track season and was unable to run for nearly 13 weeks. Now, this workout comes just about a month into her return to running and shows you just how talented and tough she is. It’s a long session for the true mid-distance runner; but necessary for the strength required to call upon the speeds needed over the last 400-600 meters of a 1500 meter race in order to win.

Shortly after this session Hannah opened her 2018 season matching her personal best in the 800 meters with a time of 2:18 and a week later opened in the 1500 meters with a 4:40, which was faster than she opened a year before.

It wasn’t the training build up that we dreamed about this summer when making goals for the year, but Hannah has worked extremely hard to make this build up work just as well as what we had planned! The lesson…don’t give up, keep working hard, and keep showing up!



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