Desi WON!!!

In what ended up being a battle of who is the toughest…Desi came out on top.

Just a week ago I was debating with my team who would win the Boston Marathon…or at least be the top American finisher…





Most of the answers were not Desi. In fact, I don’t know if anyone thought she could truly win it. She’s always been so close…the one to cover the move, but not be the first to the line.

And on one of the worst days (weather-wise) she did it.

I love it when the underdog wins. Desi just keeps on showing up. She works hard. She races harder. Today when the conditions were as hard as it gets, she was the hardest.


New York


All have been won by Americans…Rupp, Flanagan, Desi.

What a day.



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