Workout of the Day — Jake Powers

2 x (5 x 300 meters) 

Splits: 50 seconds average (Set #1) // 48 seconds average (Set #2) 

Recovery: 100 meter jog rest between reps, 800 meter jog rest between sets. 

Jake Powers, March 2018

I recently posted about 300 meter repeats…I LOVE 300 METER REPS.

This is a classic session that I have my team do as we are leading into a big, peak race. It’s simply two sets of 5 x 300 meters…typically run just slower than 1500 meter pace on the 1st set and at 1500 meter pace on the 2nd set.

A lot of people would prefer to do this session at 1500 meter pace at the slowest and typically faster…but not me when we are peaking to run a fast race. I think you want to find a rhythm and want to keep the race for race-day.

Jake was coming off of a 1500 meter race the week before and was looking to run a big PR at the Rice Twilight 5000 meters the week this workout was run. In fact, going into the Rice Twilight 5000 meters, Jake was feeling a bit run down. This session was the perfect mixture of good speed work, without going too deep, but also a shorter session that didn’t tax him mentally.

The result…15:11 in the 5000 meters and a big personal best!

Like I said, I LOVE 300 METER REPEATS!!!

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