Workout of the Day — Stetson Rayas

6 x 1600 meters 

Splits: 5:03, 5:03, 5:02, 4:59, 4:56, 4:53

Recovery: 1 min rest

Steston Rayas, March 2018 


Stetson Rayas is a member of my DBU Cross Country and Track teams and has been a standout since the day he arrived onto campus. He is one of the guys that have helped us turn ourselves from a regional doormat to a national contender. This past XC season he was 18th at the NCAA South Central Regional Championships and the Conference Runner-Up on a team that finished 18th at the NCAA National Championships.

This session is one he did just a few weeks back and was one of his first sessions post-injury leading into a personal best in the 10k of 30:47 this past weekend at the San Francisco State Distance Carnival.

There is nothing special about the session…but we wanted a pretty intense ‘tempo’ session covering ~10k in volume so he would at least be ready to race in a few weeks. Well, this session went off without a hitch and his performance in San Francisco proved that it was just what he needed.

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