On the Road.

With this weekend’s travel, my collegiate outdoor track and field season has begun, and that means my life on the road resumes.

Every spring we have an 8-10 week period where we spend every weekend in hotels and tracks all across the country…this weekend it was Houston, next weekend it will be San Francisco, then it will be Nacogdoches, and on and on.

So, what I am looking for in this life on the road? Guts. Fire on the track. A righteous life, chasing the ever elusive seconds on a stop watch.

I’m searching for breakthroughs. For young men and women who want to find their limits and move beyond them! I’m searching for the exhilarating high that comes from a personal best. The thrill that comes from charging down the homestretch and breaking the tape first.

It’s a long season on the road…but it’s a fun and exciting one.

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