Altitude Conversions

It seems that after the NCAA Indoor Championships this past weekend there is a lot of talk about altitude conversions and how those affect the altitude born runners versus those runners who are not born at altitude.

For example, if a runner born in Colorado, who trains in Colorado runs on an Indoor Track in Colorado he would get a massive NCAA-altitude conversion…the same conversion that a runner born at sea-level, who trains at sea-level would get.

How does that make sense?

But also, how would you moderate that? Do you have every runner listed as sea-level born, or altitude born on their Direct Athletics / TFRRS profile?

I don’t have the answer…but I do know that it’s getting entirely too crazy when you look at how many altitude conversions are getting into the NCAA Championships. If you’ve got an idea on how to adjust this craziness, please email me at

As always, thanks for reading.

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